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Create a free personalized will and learn how to make it legally binding in about 5 minutes.

 I don't know why anyone would miss such a simple means to having a will done today

- Andrea H.



It's important to make a will

Care for Your Kids

Choose guardians for your children.

Protect Your Assets

Help ensure your assets go to your loved ones.

Completely Free

Create your will and make it legally binding.

Created for busy parents and families

by lawyers.

The process is easy, free, and just takes minutes.

What's Included

The Will 

Designate guardians, beneficiaries, bequests and executors for your Last Will and Testament.

The Checklist

Follow these steps to make your will a legally binding document.

Final Arrangements

Make sure those around you understand your wishes for your ceremony.

Make it legally binding in a few quick steps. 

We'll help support you through the process. 

Everything you need to know about wills, in a quick 10 minute read.

For Dan Bongino listeners!

I usually hate signing up for things, but this was totally worth it because now I have so much more peace of mind.

- Paul B.



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